TheraBalls - For Grip Strengthening, wrist stability and Proprioception

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For grip strength symmetry, wrist stability and proprioception. The balls provide weight and resistance. Coordination...



For grip strength symmetry, wrist stability and proprioception. The balls provide weight and resistance. Coordination of two balls at once is highly stimulating which makes the workouts fun and effective.

Spring tension allows a range of motion to enhance growth, strength and blood flow. Your entire body works to stabilize when the balls are in motion. Simply elevate the balls to work harder, speed them up to work faster or shift further away from your center of gravity to build balance.

Available in strength levels to suit your health, fitness and recovery.

Use them indoors with limited space. Take them travelling to keep up your routine.

  • Safe to fly with hand luggage
  • Tangle free practice - don't worry about tangling or tripping
  • Perfect for beginners - get used to skipping
  • Use anywhere - indoors or outdoors, at home or when travelling
  • Silent action so you can workout any time of day
  • Includes: 2 x SkipGrip handles, 2 x weighted balls, carry bag

The ball weights are soft-touch for safety.


Why Choose Skipgrips?


Maximise your workout time by exercising efficiently. Skipgrips save you time and as we know time is money!

Full Body

The hybrid design of SkipGrips means users get a full body workout every time they pick up the rope.

Fat Burning

Jumping rope is a leading cardiovascular exercise when it comes to burning fat, but the addition of the grips takes the calorie-burning to new heights.


Skipping takes some coordination at first, but those who commit to the movement are rewarded with mobility, rhythm and coordination that will benefit them for years to come.

Functional Strength

The grips add another layer by strengthening the hands and arms. There is proven correlation between hand grip strength and overall health outcomes.

Inner Calm

Connect with your breath, feel the inner calm as your coordination improves and your body evolves inside and out.