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The story so far

There is strength in numbers, and this is no more true than when applied to fitness.

Whether it is having an accountability buddy, coach or trainer, workout group or large-scale class, there is something powerfully motivating about working towards individual health goals in a shared environment.

Research shows that people who feel supported in their exercise regimes are more likely to achieve their outcomes, and here’s where the SkipGrips community comes in.

We are steadily building a network around the world who use SkipGrips in their workouts and are experiencing profound results.

Not only do SkipGrips help connect users with their bodies and minds, but also with others through our community portal and social media groups.

Whether it is trading tips for how to maximize workouts, troubleshooting, sharing goal progress or regimes, these platforms foster communication between like-minded individuals regardless of their age or location.

SkipGrips also has a place in smaller communities of elite athletes, such as rock climbers, boxers and tennis players because of their unique ability to improve both grip strength and cardiovascular fitness at once.

Community is important to us, and we are constantly seeking new ways to connect others using our wellness tools.

Your strongest, healthiest self awaits – and we will be here cheering you on from the sidelines.

Community Engagement

SkipGrips actively engage with the wider community in any way possible.

We welcome feedback from our users as we are on a constant journey to improve and expand our offering.

In the early days of conceptualizing the business, it was a core value to give back to the community and we are committed to advancing our humanitarian efforts as SkipGrips grow.

Purchasing our products helps us realize this dream, so we can contribute to the health of those who need it most.